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Hello lovelies! <3

My heart is back in its place now that I know that all my Italian friends are ok! :)
I know it's a difficult time but hang in there hunnies! Let me know if you need anything! <3

Random Observations of The Day

[1] Kelly will spam your post/thread if she is bored or she is craving for attention loves you! =P j/k
[2] Katy [livejournal.com profile] hushushalibi, Lori [livejournal.com profile] harlequinned and Dee [livejournal.com profile] define_serenity totally made my day/night!
I loved our chats girls!! ILUSFM
[3] If Kelly Loves you, see will agree to do anything for you..including work on a French Revolution Report... *hint hint* - even if she hasn't been in school for like 4 years! lol
[4] Time flies.. I didn't catch up with all of your entries but there's always tomorrow right? Plus, Jas's ([livejournal.com profile] crystalchain ,Susers' ([livejournal.com profile] nyaubaby ok textures but so what? they are pretty?) and Adrii's ([livejournal.com profile] clubinthesky) new art posts were totally distracting! lol

[5] Thanks to everyone who spammed me and poked me for fanfiction last night in my previous entry!

This is one of the things that sprang from it:
Gossip Girl Fanfiction Chuck/Blair - It's been a while huh?

Title: Words To Let Go
Author: [livejournal.com profile] force_oblique
Rating: PG, PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Chuck/Blair - (Chuck POV)
Spoilers/Warnings: What if Chuck tried? What if he invited Blair to talk things out but ....
Word Count: 1247
Summary:"Fine, I give! I owe you that much" he starts.
"Oh, you owe me a hell of a lot more than that, Chuck" she utters his name as if it is a curse and he is not sure if he should find it as exciting as he does.
This feels like foreplay and he knows that somewhere in the jungle there's a powerful, beautiful and proud animal named after her.
Author's Notes:I haven't written a Gossip Girl i a while but last night in my post I asked my flist to poke me to write and the y did! So this is a comment fic, thats why it is short and crappy! Still, it's better than nothing!!
IT WAS WRITTEN IN 10 MINS!!Proof? = [1]+[2]
Dedication: To [livejournal.com profile] sonni89 because she poked me...repeatedly! And i loved it! lol

OVER HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] yllektricity

I love you guys
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