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May. 6th, 2009 07:27 am
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Crossposted from LJ - BTW, I am hoping I can catch up with everyone today!

Heeh, hi!
I know I said I was gonna make an actual post but I feel so sleepy, you wouldn't believe it!
I am yawning so gracelessly... My jaw will get ripped open..seriously! lol

Anywell, I don't have the stamina to post anything new, so I will resort to "Copy&Paste".

From my bb Lori [personal profile] harlequinned

Reply to this post and i'll give you full ten reasons I love you
You must repost the person who gives you the reasons and their ten reasons.

Don't be shy!! ^_^ You know I love everybody... (wait that sounded so Marilyn Monroe of me and not in a good way!) lol

Example: Lori said for me! <3

1. you've always been there for me
2. your writing does slay me <333
3. i find your pornishness hot
4. if you didn't exist the world would be black
5. your misunderstanding of enlgish words.
6. how you smack me when it's needed
7. your nickanem for me,
8. there is nothing your not good at
9. you always tremmber bdays
10. umm hello shared obsession

1. You welcomed me wih open arms and your embrace was so warm bb!
2. Your passion
3. The way you fight for your friends and what you believe in
4. our epic spam the they are scarcer due to lack of time but we'll get them back bb lol
5. Our cute little misunderstandings! lol
6. How you never made me feel like an outsider
7. Our big happy family with Katy and Sarah! <3
8. There is nothing you wont be able to accomplish once you set your mind on it!
9. Elle/Castiel ftw!
10. Hello? Fashion Sense!!

Comment HERE at my lj post to keep it all in one place! :)


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