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Name:Kelly=Force Oblique
Birthdate:May 26
Website:Force Oblique
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Kelly, 25+, 100% Greek, Insane but Mature (I swear), reliable, patient, friendly, gemini, sensitive, brunette, curly hair, shortie with a big heart =P, left-handed, unconventional, obsessed fangirl with the occasional rant, fanfic and lyrics writer, animal lover, romantic, passionate, idealistic, emotional, wears glasses, loves music+cinema+tv, concerts fan, manga illiterate
graphics makers’ groupie <3
{complete info HERE}

FIND ME: at [community profile] yllektricity|[profile] bathroom_girls|[profile] dollhouse_music, [profile] echo_paul and soon at [profile] xshowthelovex
* My family and ♥ {friends}♥ //* nicknames // * random wordmaking of my own // *tv and cinema // * MUSIC // *lyrics // *writing // *comments //*sharing // *graphics // * sunny days& the beach // * FOOD:Greek, Italian, Mexican+Chinese // * cheese, peppers, rice and mushrooms //*elle bishop/kristen bell //* adam monroe/david anders //*hugs //*group chats
* TV:heroes, spn, gossip girl, bsg, house, greys anatomy, oth, fringe, ttscc, 11th hour, true blood + //MUSIC: *the butterfly effect, lp, mcr, wt, tdg++
*MOVIES:scary movies, thrillers, dramas, angsty paranormal romances, vintage romances
*CELEBS F:Angelina Jolie, ♥ Shannyn Sossamon, ♥ Ana Beatriz Barros, ♥ Kristen Bell and Elisabeth Harnois
*CELEBS M: Topher Grace, ♥ Jensen Ackles, Sean Patrick Flannery, ♥ Hugh Jackman and ♥ Ed Westwick
[1]I write fanfiction..a lot. Mostly for the Supernatural, Heroes and Gossip Girl fandoms.
If you are here for my ff then friend my ff archive instead - [profile] souls_eclipse
EVERYTHING MOVED TO [community profile] yllektricity add me there... Please?
[2]I squee and go "wheee" a lot when it comes to the shows, the bands/songs and the movies I like...Doesn't everyone?
But I don't usualy rant about them. I don't like wank, so please don't try it here!

There are no masks here, this is the true me! I am a real person with my positive and my negative traits! Nobody is perfect!
So if you ask me to friend you, be yourself and I will love you for it! <3

If you want to be my friend, reply to this post. I usually friend back but since my flist is crowded and I always want to have time for them, please make sure we have things in common!<3

[**]What has been told about me: Testimonial 1+Testimonial 2//Testimonial 3//Testimonial 4// Association Meme // What You Love About Me Meme// Hug ME Meme
*According to ♥ Ami and Sotia♥ I’m Kellawesome and Kellarious! <3
Tests: The Teacher// ENFJ // Engaged Idealist

{1}Wanna be everything to my something?
{2}I’m a nickname-holic
{3} Leave a present for me under my XMAS TREE-outdated I know, but it's sweet!
{4} Gimme something from my xmas wishlist?
{5} Gimme more hugs - see above! ^_^

WARNING =P: sometimes my mouth is having a party without me but that’s because I’m crazy. But don’t be afraid, I don’t bite!

Just don't mess with my flist and especially my sweeties(random order):
Sisters: [profile] define_serenity&[profile] misst89&[profile] messdestruction
The Joy Parade[positions interchangeable 'cause you own my heart]<3 [[personal profile] harlequinned&[profile] hushushalibi&[personal profile] gaspily]
Sweeties:[personal profile] pasadora, [profile] blaithacs,[profile] jann_ness, [personal profile] spankingfemme,[personal profile] smiles1_9,[profile] alaskas_pudge,[profile] marty_paige
Girl-Prodigies:[profile] herm_weasley,[profile] ellie_fo_20,[personal profile] bobbinrob,[personal profile] nyaubaby, [personal profile] clubinthesky, [personal profile] kros_21,[personal profile] crystalchain,[profile] incripacu etc
Apocalyptic Chick: [profile] shawnalasex

[EXTRA] ♥ Eternally grateful: For This and That
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*made by [personal profile] faded_facade+[personal profile] stainofmylove
I married Topher Grace at [profile] fairytale_wed
and Cam Gigandet at [profile] marriedtofandom
I am the Shannyn Sossamon of LJ - I swear! -[profile] iam_lj

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