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My mother just told me there was this huge earthquake in Central Italy, like 6 on the Richter scale!! o_0
People got hurt!!!

Are all my Italian Friends ok?
Let me know guys, please!!

I love you!

I'm off to work 'cause it's 7.30am,

P.S.:Sorry for not pming each and every one of you independently but I learned it just before having to go to work and I had no time.

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KIKI [livejournal.com profile] kros_21 where are you?
ETA:KIKI [livejournal.com profile] kros_21 is well too!! Whee!
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I guess a lot of you have heard that there was an earthquake last night in Greece, focused in the area of Leonidio in the Peloponnese.

It was close to Athens, so it was really "felt" in Athens as well.
It was quite strong and my mother got really scared. Luckily to this moment there has been no report of casualties, just damages.

I felt it because I wasn't asleep at around 7am that it happened. I just got my period last night and I had woken up in pain, so I was up searching for painkillers.lol
But I was numb from pain so I didn't panic, I was feeling like a zombie so I just stood at the threshold of my room - isn't under a doorway the safest to stay? - I have been told it's the safest so I just stood there and when my mom got up and run towards me, shouting "earthquake", I just signaled at her to stay on her doorway.

We are all ok, my brother too, so everything is ok. But we have relatives in the Peloponnese andwe were really preoccupied, so that's why some of you didn't catch me online today!

Hope everyone is well! :)


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