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Hi everyone, I will be awa for the weekend visiting my parents.
I have missed them because I havent seen them in like 1+1,5 months!!!

Catch up with all of you when I get back!
I am gonna miss you!

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Hello everyone,
don't let this entry fool you, I am still on Milos!
I just found my way into an internet caffee and I said "Why not?"
so I popped in to say hi!!

[1]I have missed you all! I wish I could like rent a boat and take you all with me here to have you see everything that's wonderful here!
I am sure every last one of you -my precious friends- would love it here!

[2]I am hoping you are having fun without me! I am sure you are actually, but if you are having way too much fun, you better be taking photos for me and the others to share over at [livejournal.com profile] bathroom_girls! LOL

[3]I am having a wonderful time! The weather is lovely except for some wind that is here to get on our nerves...It would be a good thing if I windsurfed but since I am way too clumsy to try that it's just pain in the ass! lol
But still it is awesome! The color of the sea is so clear and blue that it feels as if I am inside a painting! lol
The people here are very nice and hospitable. They help you with directions and are kinda loose actually. In the sense that I went to a little shop to get some souvenirs and it was wide open but the owner was nowhere to be seen! lol
I guess they have faith in us and everyone that we won't steal from them or anything! =P

[4]Apart from the awesome pics that I will definitely share with you....I am also thinking- well I actually already did some of that- of making an Audiotrip.
I am also recording some views on the island each day, of the things I see, the people I meet...
Unfortunately my two friends, Mirena and Dimitris are way too shy and busy to do this for me but there's a friend of them, Thodoris, who is actually taking me to see some parts of the island with his boat - hopefully- and he loves to talk so he will talk too!
You know kind of like "Oh Captain, my captain" LOL

That's it
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Hi everyone (*insert big smile here*), as the picture says I am leaving tomorrow for Milos (YAY) and returning on Sunday 20th...
Maybe it should write Monday 21st since I will reach Athens near midnight! Hihi!
I am hoping I will have a terrific time with my friend and bring back a lot of beautiful pics to show you all! :)

I will try to catch up with your entries now because I didnt have time - I had to go pick up the tickets and do some shopping and packing XD!
*Continue to show your absolutely gorgeous selves and personalities at [livejournal.com profile] bathroom_girls

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[A]I will be away from Friday April 25th till Monday April 28th to spend Easter with my family at out summer house!

I am gonna miss you guys!

[B]I might be left with no internet connection for a little while because on April 24th my subscription with this net provider expires and I don't wanna renew it!

I chose another one instead but i am not sure how long it is gonna take for me to be connected again... :(
But I will try to keep in touch!
Plus, I will try to go online from work and/or my brother too! Hope I will be able to stay updated!


Love you guys,goodnight
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I know it already is Thursday...going on Friday but it still seems too long to me!!
I want to get off work right now!!!
I cant wait to board the ship on Sunday and leave for the island of Naxos!!!
I really feel tired and i want this break. I need it!!!

is a Greek island, the largest island (428 kmĀ²) in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It was the centre of archaic Cycladic culture.
More? )

According to a story in Greek mythology, the young Zeus was raised in a cave on Mt. Zas ("Zas" meaning "Zeus").
Homer mentions "Dia"; literally the sacred island "of the Goddess". Karl Kerenyi, speaking for the ancient Greeks, explains:more? )

Rant over!!!
But just look at how pretty Naxos is!!! You can even see it at the webshots site --> Click!!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Best pics from anywhere...HERE
More pictures HERE and HERE

Read more HERE

Yeah, I know this was a useless entry...but i am just overwhelmed so bear with me!!!
I will bring back a lot of piccies to share with you!! :)

Over It!

Jun. 30th, 2007 02:02 am
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Howdy everyone,

1)I want to apologize to my f-list for not having checked regularly their posts this week but apart from being busy (i have been working like a dog! *insert meaningful bark here*),
i also happened to kinda faint at work on Tuesday probably due to the heatwave or overworking, so i had to take it easy for a few days ,take some time to relax and do nothing.

2) I did manage to take some pics of the place i work at and some of my colleagues so those pics will be up soon! :) *promise*
Btw, thanks for the comments in my previous picspam! glad you liked! :)

3)I also added to my cd collection : Kamelot - Ghost Opera, After Forever - After forever,Paradise Lost - In Requiem,Circa Survive - On Letting Go, Tokio Hotel- Scream and a few others

4)Yay,i bought tickets to the Fly Beeyond Festival -yes that is the correct spelling of the festival! :P). So i will have the chance to see live: Avril Lavigne, The Rasmus (((YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I Love them!!!!), Pink, James, Tori Amos and quite a few others.

The only thing that kinda concerns me is that it starts at 5 o'clock in the evening, so it is going to be so very hot~ Anyways it is a three-day festival so i guess i will manage~ :)

5)I so wanted to go to the Paradise Lost Concert on Sunday July 8th but i will be traveling to the island of Naxos for my vacation so i cant go!
I swear i could almost change my vacation date because of that! :(

6)I am such a good, bored girl that i even managed to tidy up not just my room but my whole house-minus the balcony! lol

7)Downside: I think i might have a little more cellulite than i thought, which is a bummer especially since i am going on vacation on July 8th and i dont have enough time to properly get rid of those early signs. Meh, i dont know my best friend says she cant even see it but i dont think its just in my head! lol

8)I managed to make my account a plus one without letting it screw my layout but still i wanted the header image to have a little bigger margin from the top of the page...
Anyone know how to do that? THanks in Advance!!

9)Promises,promises: I will check my f-lists' posts,update my lj,make a picspam #2,upload music albums if you want me too ->Check! , go out with my friendsx4,go shopping....

That's it folks,
I am tired and should go to bed!!!
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God i am so agry! and i think i just lost like a decade of my life!!!
We were asked from the company i work in, to state our prefrences for vacation days and i asked for July 9-13th and early September. The answer was positive since late April and yesterday i was told that i couldnt be absent in July!! I had a heart attack of course since i had asked all my friends to get the same week off so there wasnt a chance..I would never change it!
I nagged and i told my supervisor that they make me change every year so it was time for someone else to change so yeppers!!
I am now officialy off the hook so i am really happy! but i hated how they made it seem like it was my fault! i didnt do anything wrong!!! But i felt sick for the most part of the way yesterday! :(
I did what was asked and i couldnt change it because i had already paid tickets and hotel rooms!
So yay!!!
Yep, really a useless entry but i just had to vent!!!


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