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Title: From The Sky The Ashes Rain Parts [1+2/3]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] force_oblique
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I dont own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Elle
Word Count: 2.340
Summary: Post S2 - AU -In my universe Adam/Elle is my OTP...
Author's Notes: It's been a really long time since I last wrote Heroes, let alone my fave couple which is precisely Adam/Elle.
I think I may be seriously rusty but I gave it a shot! I need me to get back on the train somehow! lol

Lyrics: Window And The Watcher by The Butterfly Effect -Listen


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From The Sky The Ashes Rain - PART ONE

She had no idea why she had agreed to this but there was no turning back now. Here she was with no possessions at all other than the clothes she was wearing and her love for the man who was dragging her by the hand as they both run.

Her breath was shallow, her hair was damp, sticking to her cheeks and forehead yet she wasn’t sure if she had ever felt more exhilarated and clear.

Yes that was the word. Free from everything that was holding her back.

Her heart was beating like crazy inside her chest but Elle was sure it wasn’t just her heart that was crazy.

She already knew she was paranoid, delusional even but she had never found herself to be suicidal. Till now.

Because it was pure madness and suicide leaving the Company with one of its most treasured prisoners, Adam.

Maybe this was a delusion too, this whole thing Elle thought but as Adam held her hand, his warmth radiating off him, she knew it was all true.
She would recognize his touch anywhere because no one had ever made her feel this way.

{Don't leave me out here one more day on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Don't leave me out here one more night on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Can't carry on}

”Adam?” she whispered. But it was more of a realization that he was next to her than it was a request, yet he heard her.

”Hold on a little bit longer sweetheart. We are almost there” he replied and the tone of his voice was so endearing and disarming that it didn’t matter that she didn’t know where “there” was or that he kept playing boss and she resented it.
No! It didn’t matter because in this moment, no matter how rushed it was, he was hers and she was his.

Elle didn’t know how many were after them but the Haitian was already on their trail and he was enough to cause a lot of damage.

She absent-mindedly squeezed his hand and Adam immediately reciprocated by squeezing hers too and pulling her closer as they came to a hault.

”What’s the matter?” he asked cupping her face with his hands.
”I’m afraid” she admitted and it felt surreal coming from her, the crazy, unpredictable destructor as they called her in the company…

”I’m afraid Adam”
He just smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose.
”Is that all?"he inquired.
“What do you mean, isn't that a lot?” she raised her eyebrows at him.
“Silly girl, thats nothing I cant make better with a kiss” he said as he leaned in closer and tasted her lips. Hesitantly at first, sweetly but then possessively, intently.

Elle felt the world dissolve around them at the lava of their passion. Nothing else existed but them in a world built just for the two of them.

“Better?” he asked teasingly.
“Maybe. Maybe I'll need a reminder later because you know this fear comes and goes as it pleases”. She winked again.

Elle was in love but she wasn't stupid. No matter how romantic everything sounded she knew Adam was not as relaxed as he looked. There was no plan, no place he had in mind.

He had just escaped after almost 15 years of imprisonment and he had taken the master mind's daughter with him.
That meant that everyone was going after them one way or the other and sooner or later they would catch up with them no matter where they would hide.

She didn't know how long they had been running. The only thing she knew was that her feet were killing her and she would give anything for a glass of water and a warm bed.
Instead she was still following Adam, their hands held tightly even though it was too dark to make out anything.

She didn't want to seem weak, not in his eyes, not after everything he had risked for them to be together, but it couldnt be helped.

“Adam, please stop. I cant go any longer” she mouthed shamefully.

He couldn't have stopped more abruptly if he was stopped by a policeman.
In a mere moment she was wrapped in his arms as he crouched to the floor of whatever that was. She hardly realized he had pulled them both inside of what seemed like a warehouse.

Though his arms were around her and his attention on her, his eyes were already scanning the place for anything suspicious.
Then satisfied he turned his gaze at her and said “I think we will be alright here for tonight”

As soon as Adam finds the switch and turns one the light, she lets herself slide completely down, her back against the wall.

All that’s heard is a “whoosh” as she lets her frustration and soreness out exhaling.
Adam is next to her again in an instant.

“Are you ok?”

Despite being tired she can’t but smile up at him.

“I am ok and I will be even better after we rest”

She gently rubs her cheek against his palm when he stretches his hand to touch her.
“I am not as fragile as you think I am” she points out.

Adam kneels down beside her and then sits taking her in his arms, wordlessly, as if he is deep in thought.

“Do you think we have lost them?” she asks.

He turns to look at her and though he tries to seem confident, Elle recognizes a flash of apprehension in his blue eyes, just before he stretches the in-charge mask across his face.
“I think we are going to be alright for tonight. I will keep you safe”.

“I know you will. But even if you don’t, it’d still be worth it. I am finally free even for one night and it’s all because of you”.

“You have always been free, Elle. In your heart. You just didn’t know it yet. Your binds were void of matter. It was just your fear or even habit”.

She nods before she sinks her face on the side of his neck.
“Perhaps, but still it was you who showed me that” she insists.

“And you showed me that there were still things in life worth fighting for! Like love.” Adam says as he caresses her hair.

She wraps her arms around him and feels tears in her eyes when he hugs her back.

“I love you” she whispers. A sole bird flying up a turbulent sky against all odds. That’s how she felt but it was worth it.

“I love you” she hears him whisper back and she wishes this moment could last forever or at least for the rest of her life.

It didn’t matter they were sweaty, dirty and tired.
It didn’t matter that this was just an abandoned warehouse, a filthy storage place.
All that mattered was that they were together…

{To catch the fire from the light
As we hide
Sleeping giants where they lie
And this time I don't know what I believe
And baby, I have seen the burning of the sun
I believe in, I believe in miracles for some of us}


When she wakes up blinking disoriented she realizes that Adam is staring at her.
“Hi you” he mouths tenderly.
“Hi” she mumbles rubbing her eyes and sits up to plant a kiss on his lips he eagerly accepts.

“Have you slept at all?” she teases him.

She knows staying awake is something he uses to do when she is in his arms. As if he is afraid she will disappear.

“I have slept enough” he replies.
“I hope you didn’t spend your time looking at me” she presses.
“I mean you surely have better things to do right?”

The question seemed to make him smile.
“you mean better things with you or better things in general?” he teases her.

She makes a face and sticks her tongue at him.
“With me of course! What did you think?”

“Well to be honest, there is one thought that troubled me all night”
“Really what’s that?”
“I was thinking about how much I want to make love to you right now. But you needed your rest”

Elle’s answer is obvious when he leans in to kiss her. She closes her eyes and waits for the miracle to happen. Just like it did every time he touched her.

Two hearts united, two souls intertwined just like their bodies…

{I don't know what I believe
And baby, I have seen the burning of the sun
I believe in, I believe in miracles for some of us

Don't leave me out here one more day on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Don't leave me out here one more night on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Can't carry on}


She wakes up in his arms again and really she can’t think of any other way.
Her heart feels as if it’s going to explode from all the love it shelters and she feels so happy she can’t believe it is possible.

His eyes are closed and now it’s her turn to look at him like he is the last man on earth, the last man she can ever imagine herself with. The first too.

He lets her fingers caress his hair, comb through his dusty blonde locks. Soft and fluffy.

Just like a teddy-bear. Her own oversized teddy-bear, ready to give love and receive it in return as well.

Her index finger traces a path along the smooth skin on his face. The soft arc of the bridge of his nose, the velvety lines of his lips.

She thinks he is asleep but he quickly catches her finger and kisses it. He is always making her laugh.

“Good morning baby” he says.

“You are naughty. Don’t you know it’s dangerous to tease me first thing in the morning? We need to be on the alert but all I can think of now is keep you here with me and never stand up”

She grins. “Well we could do that, couldn’t we?” She knows it isn’t true but still it’s comforting to pretend, to act like they are a normal couple with no one out there to get them.

Just two ordinary people in love, leading the life they have dreamed of living.

Only they weren’t normal and they would never be and they were already paying the price for something that wasn’t their fault.

They never chose to be special. They were just special to each other and that would be enough…

Adam opens his eyes. Her words don’t sound as steady as he would have wanted and he knows that his little girl is not under any delusion about their safety.

He wishes he could give her the world.

A world that’s beautiful and safe and full of pretty things, but this world they were living in was everything but that.

“We can’t but I could tell you we could. Just for a little while. Come lie down next to me” he whispered.

Elle fits herself beside his body and lets his loving words whispered in her ear and his warmth console her for everything they would never be able to have.

She doesn’t know how long they had been like that.

All she knows is that she felt protected and happy and it was all gone in an instant.

{To the window the watcher came
From the sky the ashes rain
As we dance
Lost in cities paved with gold
There promises of fortune told
As we hide, walls are breaking on us all}

The door to the warehouse slammed open and he got in.

Big, dark, looming. Just like he remembered him.

No feeling, no compassion, no interest.
His face an emotionless mask one could not even wish to affect.

Adam is the first to speak when they are both on their feet.

“What do you want? Leave us alone. We haven’t done anything to you”

He pushes Elle behind him and she puts her hands on his shoulders, showing her support, her trust.

“I am here to take you back. Or rather take her back. You are no longer of interest to us”

The Haitian smirks, Its not his fault. It never is. He just follows orders he thinks are right.

But what is right about tearing them apart now that they are finally together?

What is right about ripping his heart out of his chest, depriving him of everything he holds dear in this lifetime.

“You can’t do this, I won’t let you!” Adam yells as he sees him dash forward.

His hands are cold just like his heart and his grip iron-hard.

It is with effort that Adam presents any significant resistance.

The Haitian tries to get to Elle and Adam does the only thing he can think of.

He screams: “Elle go!! Run! Get away from here! I will find you! Just run! For the life of you run! And I promise I will come for you! I will always come for you. Nothing will keep us apart”

Tears are welling up her eyes, tears she doesn’t want to wipe away. They feel like the glue that can keep them together, because she knows they will be her only company while they are apart.

It’s unavoidable. They have to split up. Then maybe the Haitian will have a slightly harder time to find her.

She eludes the black man’s hands and she makes a run for the door which seems grey in the dim light of the dawn.

For a moment she looks behind and catches Adam’s eyes.
She seems happy, hopeful and that’s all he wants for her.

But a split moment to look at her was all it took for the Haitian to hit him.
A good punch and Adam is on the floor in pain and fuzzy.

But that’s not enough to keep him down, especially if Elle’s life is at stake and his too.
He grabs the Haitian just when he was starting to run.

He didn’t see a gun in his pocket when he barged in. But he saw it now.

“That won’t kill me, though you wish it had” he roars.

“No, it won’t. But i have no orders to kill you. This is just to slow you down while I take Elle back.

The bullet rips his flesh and feels like a burning spear impaling him, tearing his insides apart.
He falls to the ground, hot blood pouring out of him.

The metal sourness of blood fills his mouth along with a bitter taste of…something like ash.

Adam realizes what it is.

It’s ashes! The ashes of the dreams he dared make when Elle was by his side…

And they are showering him right now. They are everywhere. Pouring from the sky like rain…

From the sky the ashes rain…

“No” he yells. “Noooooooooooooo” and as The Haitian starts running, Adam feels his heart stop and not just by the bullet….

{From the sky the ashes rain
As we dance
...As we hide, walls are breaking on us all}

{Don't leave me out here one more day on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Don't leave me out here one more night on my own
Can't give you up
Can't carry on
Can't carry on

End Of Part One


Dedication: This part is dedicated to Theri [livejournal.com profile] misst89 for her valuable help! Thanks so much hun!
Wordcount: 1621

When he woke up he felt dizzy and empty.
Empty inside.
Devoid of anything and everything good and meaningful.
He blinked disoriented and a dry smile covered his face.

He was alone again, like in the past, a past he wanted to leave behind but always seemed to find a twisted way to catch up with him no matter how far ahead he had gone.

No matter how many centuries had lapsed since.

He was free.
Yes free, but trapped in the shell of his own twisted humanity. Mortality was just an elusive game he played.

Tricking death for a living, for living.

When he stood up he felt different.

As if another, new Adam was born or rather as if the old Adam – one he wished he would never see again- had just risen up from his ashes.

But he felt as if he were in flames...


He was so close.
He could feel them. All of them.

Ignorant and tricky.
Innocent and guilty.

They were all there just like he remembered.
For 30 years he watched everyone grow, grow up and grow old. He watched everyone change but he remained the same.

He stayed the same on the outside but sometimes he thought that this was true for the inside as well.

He was just a rebellious soul who knew no boundaries and no scruples.

For 30 years he remained there wishing, hoping he would do something to change it.

Change everything.
He wanted to change everything around him because he was unable to change anything inside of him.

Till he met her.

He wanted to plant his fists in their sick bellies till their guts were on fire and the run and never look back.

But Elle had changed that.

She made him forget about his plans for revenge and fast forward to the feeling of freedom he had tasted only briefly in her arms.
But even briefly was enough to touch him...

Adam wiped tears he didn't know he had shed off the side of his cheek and grinned.
He wasn't weak, he didn't want to be.

He almost pondered on just disappearing, leaving everything behind tasting only freedom and independence just like he would do in the past where all he had to look after was himself.

But now his dreams, his visions were void, incomplete.
Something was missing and it was her. He couldn't leave her behind.

It had already been three weeks.
Three weeks of him feeling lonely and miserable, sustained only by the thought of killing someone, someones, of getting her back, but it was hard.

Almost unthinkable...

He continued to stare at the building of the Company, cold, blank...

and as he slowly closed his eyes, he made a promise to never give up.

He had all the time in the world to make it work.
They didn't.

She was there waiting for him. He could feel her. He'd know if she were dead.

He would feel it in his heart.

He would feel it in his soul, because half of it would have broken off and wander aimlessly in what would be left of his body, of his existence.


It was hard to get into the Company, especially if you didn't know where to look for the one you wanted.

Inside it was a maze and even though he knew the inside very well.
It would take a very long while to look everywhere.

It was almost a dead end till he remembered her.

That unique ability she had. So subtle, so seemingly insignificant but in reality invaluable...at least to him...

When it had all gone down he was there watching them.
He witnessed the bing bang that brought everyone to their knees and mused at everyone's shock.

For him it was nothing.

But maybe he had witnessed one too many apocalypses.

Maybe he had been the cause of some of them..

Oh yes it was hard getting into the Company, but getting into a lab was easy.

He got all the information he needed, he stalked and just waited.

The opportunity would come and he was a patient man.

He wouldn't have survived eternity if he weren't, he wouldn't have lived to be 400 years if he weren't.


A hand around her tiny waist and another to cover her mouth, as she walked back from school, was all it took.

She was in his car in a few minutes.

She struggled a lot at first, but then she calmed down when she saw him just sit there in the driver's seat, wordless.

Did he look sad?
Did he look broken?

Did he look like a man destroyed, a man who had nothing left to lose?

Did he look like a man with only half his soul?
And shouldn't that be scary?

Even to a little girl?

Or maybe it is true what they say that little children can always look deep into your soul and heart and find the truth...

Adam didn't know the answer to that, all he knew was that she was the first to speak.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” she said her eyes boring into his.

“what I want Molly, is nothing you can't give me..” he cryptically replied more because he didn't have the stamina for anything than because he wanted to be mysterious.

“So” she started, her voice shaking a little, “You don't want to kill me?”

Her matter-of-fact reply took him aback.

“Kill you? No, of course not. Who do you take me for?

“The man who just kidnapped me?” she reminded him and filled him with shame.

Never in 400 years had he resorted to meddling with children, no matter how furious or bloodthirsty he'd become.

“Erm, yeah... Sorry about that” he mumbled.
“But I need your help to find someone important to me”.

“Could you do that for me? Would you do that for me?” he finished hopefully.

She paused for a moment and Adam knew it was because she was weighing her options but in a few moments she said: “Yes, but after I do, will you let me go?”

He sighed and his hands left the steering wheel they'd been squeezing till she gave her answer.

“I will, I promise. I will even give you cab money”

The little girl, just smiled at the irony of this.
“Ok, so who do you want me to find?”

“Here” he said reaching inside the pocket of his jacket, taking out a picture of her, the only thing he had kept from the Company.

Elle had stolen it from her file once she was snooping inside her father's office.

It was official, she wasn't even really smiling but it was her, his baby, his girl, his love...

Molly took the picture in her small hands almost piously – a response he appreciated- and looked at it closely.

“She is pretty” she said.

“Yes” he simply mouthed, his voice a whisper as if admitting it to himself one more time would make him miss her more.

“Is she your girlfriend” she pressed.

She didn't want to help him if he was about to do bad things to that young woman.

“No, she is my life” Adam replied, hoping the little girl would understand without the need for any other words...

“Ok”she said.

He took out the paper with the blueprint of the building and asked her: “Can you tell me where she is? Where is she kept?”

She closed her eyes and with the paper spread across her lap, she pointed.

“She is here” she said when she opened her eyes, her finger over a point in the design.

He could almost cry.

Relief washed over him like a big wave of warmth and hope.

“Thank you” he saw her hesitate and it made him nervous.

“She is not alone”

“I know”

Molly spoke hastily as if she had a feeling she couldn't shake off.
“No, I mean there's someone else in the room with her. Someone like you”

“Like me? How do you mean? With the same ability?”

She wavered and lowered her eyes, as if feeling shame she couldn't explain further.

“Possibly, but I don't know. I have never felt it before, but yeah someone like you, I guess” she said apologetically.

Thoughts kept crossing his mind at the speed of light.
“Peter? Claire?” Adam let out and his hands closed tighter around the steering wheel he had taken in his arms again.

He sighed and then took out some money out of his pocket.

“Here's what I promised you. Cab money, now off you go”

She took it, smiling still. It was obvious that she had believed him. She knew the truth.

“Thank you. For what it's worth, I believe you and I wish you will get her back, I wish you will be happy”

Adam turned to look at the little girl again.
Nothing out of the ordinary.

Brown hair, green eyes, short and eager.

How could she be so understanding and reassuring?

As if she held the wisdom of the world inside her little head.

“Thank you. You have helped me so much with this. I will never forget it”

He watched in silence as she got out of the car and looked back once.

He waved at her as if they were old friends promising to keep in touch, though it was probably the last time he saw her.

It was the last time; because even if he didn't manage to get Elle back, he wanted her to be the very last thing he saw of this world, if not taking her with him to freedom, at least taking the sweet image of her with him in hell...


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