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Title: The Prison Within - Chapter 5
Author: [livejournal.com profile] force_oblique
Rating: G, possibly AU
Table/Prompt: Table #7,"helpless"
Disclaimer: I dont own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Elle - mention of other characters ,Adam's POV
Word Count:
Summary: Adam's reflection on his years of imprisonment and how Elle changed that.
Author's Notes:I wrote it in the middle of the night…so excuse the crappiness! I am sorry it took me so long, It was just real life stuff, catching me off guard!
Crossposted at my fiction/lyrics lj@[livejournal.com profile] souls_eclipse, [livejournal.com profile] heroes_fic , [livejournal.com profile] peter_adam_elle, [livejournal.com profile] saltandsaffron
Sorry, this part is long!
Thanks to my beta [livejournal.com profile] ghost_goodthing for her valuable help

Chapter One,Chapter two,Chapter Three,Chapter Four

Chapter Five

When I came to, I found myself in an unfamiliar room.

It looked so much like my previous one but it wasn’t identical. I could sense something was off, but I couldn’t place it.

This room too was white and relatively empty with the exception of the bed I was on, a chair to my right a washbasin, a shower, a loot and myself.

I still felt dizzy and disoriented and I noticed that my t-shirt hadn’t done a good job protecting me from all the broken glass.

Of course, there were no scars on my body, but there were a few places where slivers of glass were still imbedded in my skin.
Those places hadn’t healed yet and still ached a little. The traces of something tragic which had happened only some while ago, or so I thought.

I smirked knowing no one would care to take them out of me.
I tried to lift my right hand to take out the pieces from my left one and it was then I realized my hands were tied to the bed.
Taken aback, I tried to move my legs, but they were tied down too.

Furious, I started struggling against my constraints, shaking my body uncontrollably in any direction my constraints would allow.
The memory of Elle and her violently being taken away was still fresh on my mind.

I looked around again. Everything was in order inside my new room.
Nothing was broken or out of place but me.

Which floor had I been moved to? Which floor remained unaffected by Elle’s wrath?
And for the first time since I had opened my eyes, I wondered where Elle was and how long had I been unconscious.

Rabid fury rose within me as the door to my room opened and Bob appeared with the same sickening smirk on his face.

“Hello, Adam! You are finally awake!” he said, no sign of genuine concern in his voice.
Not that I was expecting any.

“You bastard! Where is Elle? What have you done to her?” I bellowed, stretching my constraints as far as they could go in an attempt to grab hold of him and wipe that smirk right off his face.

He walked closer to my bed, slowly, like he had no worry in the world. As if a little girl hadn’t been broken right before my eyes a little while ago.

“Now, Adam, behave, or we will have to increase the dosage of your sedative, won’t we?” he threatened in that calm tone of his, which sometimes was even more infuriating than the words he actually used.

I hissed as I noticed the needle in my left arm and the tube it was attached to.
But I said nothing.

“Very well!” he nodded pleased.
“Where is she? I want to see her! Where is Elle?”.

He looked down on me. “You see there’s the problem right there!” he started.

“What do you bloody mean?”

He avoided looking me in the eyes.
“She has not been cooperating very nicely and she is not really allowed any visitors. She is still a bit – how should I put it?- aggressive!”. He said.

I scoffed only to prevent myself from verbalizing what I actually wanted to say.

Aggressive? Elle was an angel trapped inside the body of a tormented little girl and inside a prison she could never escape. Who wouldn’t be aggressive?

“I don’t care, I want to see her!! I insisted.

Still not looking at me, he started walking to the exit but just before doing that, he walked to the wall right in front of me and drew the curtain that was placed there, revealing what I took to be a two way mirror of some sort.

A curtain! I knew something was off in this room, but just couldn’t actually put my finger on what it was!

But of course, it was the curtain.

Just before biting back a mocking comment, the person in the room next to mine caught my attention and my breath was caught between my lips.


My little angel was lying on a bed not unlike mine with some sort of constraints around her wrists too. She looked so small and frail.

She had been through an ordeal, but somehow I had hoped she would be more resilient.
I knew she was a fighter; otherwise she wouldn’t have survived a whole year already in this nightmare facility.

But, God! I thought she was stronger. Stronger than that!

But maybe I was just projecting my hopes on her. The truth is that I wanted her to be stronger, more powerful, more resilient…

Untouchable, almost unbreakable. The closest to me she could ever get.

Because I realized that I needed her.

I needed her more than she needed me. Even though she was a little girl, she was more of my protector, my salvation and my sanity than I was for her.

I was tired of going through life alone. All this knowledge, this experience, they mean nothing if you can’t share them.

If you have no one to share the sight before your eyes, the sounds and the colors around you. No joy can fill you.

But she had given me that. Someone to share everything with.

And I just couldn’t bear the state in which she was now.

Watching her lie in that bed so helpless, so far away from the lively, bubbly girl I was used to and loved so much.
I tried to sit up to have a clearer view of her but it was hard.

“What have you done to her?” I asked disgusted by the amount of his cruelty.

“I haven’t done anything to her. We’re merely keeping her calm. If anyone has done something to her, it’s you!” he retorted.
“She thinks you are dead, you know!”

Astonished, I fixed my stare on his icy face.
“You bastard, you haven’t told her I’m alive?”

“No! It was a nice chance to see how she can survive on her own!”

“Survive on her own? She is nine, for God’s sake and she is your daughter!” I yelled.
“Adopted daughter!” he corrected me.
“Right! That equals lab rat in your book!”

He fidgeted uneasy. “Now, no reason for irony. As soon as I'm out of your room, your metal restraints will be disabled. Then you may proceed to shower. There are clean clothes on that chair!” he pointed to the chair.

I glanced at the clothes but they meant nothing.
Elle was still tied up and drugged inside that room.

"It was her birthday! How could you do something like that to her? How long has she been like this?” I asked.

“Four days!” he simply answered and ignored my other question.
“You should know that the mirror cannot be broken and there’s also a system that enables you to listen to everything said in her room, but she can't hear you, of course!”

And with that he left.

Seconds after, I was on my feet, unsteady, rubbing my wrists. I watched the pressing points slowly disappear as my body started healing.
I only wished it were that simple for my inner wounds too. The wounds marring my soul...

I went to the mirror taking a closer look at Elle. She was lying there, immobile, helpless.

She wasn’t moving, but she wasn’t asleep either.

Her eyes were open and bloodshot.
She had obviously spent the best part of these four days crying.

I felt sick to my stomach when I thought that I had been sleeping throughout her torment.

Several tubes were escaping her body and there were some patches on her forehead with cords attached to them, leading to a monitor, obviously observing her brain functions or something.

That was not the way to spend your birthday and I cursed under my breath.

My heart sank as I saw tears escape her eyes and it was my time now to stand before the mirror, the barrier separating us, placing my hands against it, as if my touch could shatter it or melt it they way she would do it and let me cross over to her.

There was no sound but her soft, almost inaudible sobs.

I wanted to scream to her that I was still alive, to tell her that I loved her and I would be there for her for whatever she needed, but I knew it would be in vain.

She slowly shifted herself on the bed, still crying.

It was then that I noticed her clenched left hand.

She was clenching and unclenching her left fist nervously and I wondered why. Then I watched her lower her eyes to her hand, slowly opening her palm, revealing what was in it.

I didn’t know what to expect at first. I didn’t know what that was.

Just a random piece of dirty, almost burnt piece of cloth, yet she was staring at it with such a tender and broken look in her eyes that it moved me.
A grey piece of garment.

Instinctively, I looked down at my grey t-shirt. It was burnt at some places and a piece was missing.

There was no doubt it was a piece of my t-shirt and she had kept it with her for four days.

She must have torn it off when she was pulled off me that night.

And she had concealed it for four days.

There was also no doubt as to why she had kept it.

She wanted something of mine. She wanted something to remember me by.
Her only friend. The one she had killed or..another one she had killed.

It was killing me too, knowing that she had no idea that I was still alive and well, just a few feet away from her.

Another tear escaped her eyes and all I wanted to do was cry along with her and for her. My eyes were already burning, but I blinked heavily to hold back the tears.

I knew I was the adult and I shouldn’t let my sorrow take the best of me. I had to act responsibly.

She had to know I was alive, I couldn’t let her wallow in her grief.

Then, suddenly the door to her room opened and one of the guards came in.

She immediately clenched her fist again, concealing the garment and resumed her unresponsive, cold look.

The guard sat down next to her on the chair and started talking to her.

I was surprised to see him visit. He was rendered unconscious by Elle, four days ago and his colleague was killed by her. I knew because I had seen them leave with her that day.

“Hello, Elle! Missed me? I heard him ask her flatly, not really expecting a response.

“Has your medication put the monster in you to sleep? Or is it still in there looking for another kill, huh?” he teased her.

He stroked her hair with his left hand taking hold of her hand with his right one.

He seemingly started to stroke the inside of her arm but in reality he was rubbing so hard and so fiercely that he almost drew blood.

“You little brat! That was my best friend you killed. You thought it would be ok?” he kept scratching her skin with his fingernails.

“You spread nothing but death and destruction around you. Just look at you. Your perfect blonde curls. Your baby-blue eyes. But inside you are black. And you have to be stopped!”

he added turning to look at her arm, pleased to see drops of blood making their way out of her broken, irritated skin.

He nodded triumphantly and continued. “It seems we’ve drawn a bit of blood here. No worries, we’ll just say it was self inflicted from when they loosen your restraints again! I wonder why do they do that. You should be tied up at all times!” he snickered.

I saw the sickening smile covering his face and all I wanted was to make him regret the day he was born.

I wanted to make my fist go through his skull shattering it.
But I knew I couldn’t.
I would have to wait...

“Everyone will fall for that, wont they? You might as well have done it to yourself. Because they say you are also a nut job!”

Elle didn’t say anything. Her body still not moving, her eyes a cascade of tears.

“You are a nut job, aren’t you, Elle? Isn’t that why you killed your only friend, Adam Monroe? Fried his brains? I still can’t see why you did that! He was the only one to whom you meant a thing, don’t know why that was!” he kept pushing her.

And I wondered when she would think that he had just pushed her too far.
They say that after having tasted it once, killing takes over you and becomes easier and easier.
Less complicated.
You need fewer and fewer reasons to do it.
It doesn’t matter if you are really provoked or challenged.

Then again she was drugged or so I was told.

Over her the monitor went crazy. Her heart rate was rising, her brain functions were going crazy. The mention of my name had made her go almost ballistic.

The guard took a look at the monitor and sneered.
“You are a fiery one, aren’t you? Didn’t anyone ever tell you that that is not a quality desirable in women? Then again, if we are lucky you might not live long enough to grow up to be a woman!”.

She stirred, her eyes growing wide with what seemed to be rage and fixing on his face in such a way that it made his smile slide off his face in an instant.

Despite being drugged and torn, her power was within her and by closing her eyes and focusing her inner energy, she lit up around her wrists- something I had never seen her do before, and in a moment her metal constraints were gone.

They were turned into a silvery liquid that disappeared on her bed sheets.

He jerked up took a step back, incredulously.
“No! No! You can’t do that! You are drugged. You are half asleep. You can’t be up.”

Elle said nothing but she sat up and got out of her bed, walking slowly towards him.

Her face a cold mask, revealing nothing of her intentions.

My heart was beating like crazy inside my chest.

I wanted to shout out to her, but all that came out was a whisper.

“No, Elle! Please, don’t! That is what they want! I know it’s what they want! They want you to kill him! Can’t you see? They are obviously watching you now! Waiting for the moment you will lose yourself. Waiting for the moment killing becomes easy for you!!!”

Elle lifted her right hand, opening her clenched fist, blue jolts dancing on her palm.

Still, no emotion on her face.

The guard kept taking steps back. I could swear he felt scared.
He never expected her to respond.
He thought she was just an easy prey.

Drugged and incapacitated he could do whatever he wished with her, or so he thought.

He thought he could humiliate her, taunt her and get away with it.

And maybe he could. Maybe Elle had decided not to give a damn about anything from then on.

Maybe the scratching, his nails digging into her skin, making her bleed was something she could take.

Maybe it was something she wanted to endure.

Maybe she deemed it her punishment.

I could sense she wanted nothing but absolution. Someone to come and tell her that everything was going to be alright.

That she was not yet beyond redemption.
That she could still lead a normal life.
That she still deserved it.

But that someone never came.
And he wouldn’t come.
I could be that someone but I knew I would never be.

Because I was just as guilty as her, even more so and my life wasn’t normal.

I had forgotten what normal felt like.

But I was still alive. I could still function.

I didn’t know if that was enough, I only knew it should be! Because if it wasn’t I would not be able to endure eternity like this.

My palms sweaty against the mirror now, I just watched as Elle send a jolt on the guard.

End Of Chapter Five


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