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Title: The Prison Within - Chapter 10
Author: [livejournal.com profile] force_oblique
Rating: G, possibly AU
Table/Prompt: Table #7,"helpless"
Disclaimer: I dont own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Elle - mention of other characters ,Adam's POV
Word Count: 1073
Summary: While Adam was held captive in the company, he watched Elle grow. But more than that, the two of them became something like soul mates as time went by... This is their story...
Author's Notes:Sorry it takes me this long to update all of my stories. I want to finish it soon!

~*~This part contains a summary of all previous parts. Makes it easier to catch up :D


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Bonus Part: Summary Of The Previous Nine Parts - If You Don't need this, just scroll down for the new part

The Prison Within – Summary Of The First 9 Parts

Part One: Adam has already been in his Company prison for 14 years when little Elle is brought in. He is shocked to see someone so young taken into the examination room where all the torture and the experiments took place, but when Elle caused a blackout, he knew she wouldn’t be easy to break and that she was not just different, she was special.

Part Two:Little Elle is drawn to Adam and the feelings are mutual. He finds a friend and a companion in her and Elle finds a much-needed friend and protector.
Adam starts to live again after centuries of being a misanthropist.

Part Three: The experiments she is put through and the drugs the Company is giving her cause Elle to not be in control of her power. She is afraid that Adam will not love her anymore and even though Adam says he will always love her no matter what, she stops taking the pills.

Part Four: On her ninth birthday Elle is granted her much wanted wish of visiting an arcade and go on a rollercoaster. She reveals the fact that she has stopped the pills to Adam, who is nervous. Things indeed go wrong when on account of her excitement shows her ability in public causing her two accompanying guards to force her back. One of them is abusive and hateful and threatens to kill both Adam and her. She is forced to kill him and then her power becomes too much for her to handle due to the intensity of her desperation and emotions.
Adam sees no alternative other than instructing her to focus her power on him alone, because he is the only one that can take it. She does and as the shock is too great, he momentarily dies. Elle is torn off his side at that very moment, believing that she has killed her only friend.

Part Five: Adam wakes up to find himself in a new room, probably in another floor. He realizes he is tied up and is infuriated. Bob enters to tell him that Elle is alive but refuses to cooperate. They have let her think that she has killed Adam.
There’s a curtain in his room and when Bob draws it, Adam realizes that Elle is just in the next room to his, because there is a mirror on the wall allowing him to see her and listen to he, but she can’t see him.

Once Bob is out, Adam’s restraints are loosened and he is able to see Elle. She is lying on her bed tied up too, almost catatonic and crying with a piece of the t-shirt he wore that night in her hand. The second guard whom Elle had zapped into unconsciousness comes in her room and abuses her by saying hateful things and by scratching her to bleed.

He takes it too far and Elle is infuriated. Her power is stronger than they had anticipated and melts her constraints. Adam watches as she sends a jolt on the guard and is devastated as he knows that they are watching her waiting till killing comes easy for her, in order to use her for their own hideous purposes.

Part Six:Elle does send a jolt on the guard, but not strong enough to kill him. He is terrified and flees while Adam is left watching Elle cry through the glass wall separating them knowing that things will never be the same again.

Part Seven:Adam weary from the drugs finds himself on his bed again and as he rushes to the wall separating his room with Elle's he is sad to see her on her bed, sad and lonely. However, Bob comes to her room and Adam hears him revealing to Elle that he is alive wondering what could be his inner motive.

Part Eight:Bob tells her that he will allow her to see Adam, if she agrees to do something he will tell her later on....Elle is shaken by the news. But once she is alone in her room, she shows just how anxious she is to see Adam and just how guilty she feels. When she comes to him, it is with hesitation but Adam puts her worries to rest and they share a heartfelt moments where Adam explains his power to her. How he is going to live forever. When she asks him if he will love her for as long as she will live,he answrs her no. He will love her for as long as he lives....that is forever....

Part Nine:Months and months pass by and Adam and Elle seem to be at peace, as much at peace two imprisoned people can be.... He is taken by surprise though, when Elle asks him if he has killed a lot of people. Adam is afraid of telling her the truth about the things he had done because he might lose her love and her devotion...

The Prison Within - Chapter Ten

Previously in Part 9

....Bob:“…I will let you see Adam, but you will have to something for me in return, okay?”

The mere sound of these words hanging heavy over both our heads, I told myself it would all be okay. shook any nasty thoughts from my head as I held her close.

She was eager to reciprocate. Now we could pick up from where we had left off, or so I thought.

And so the months passed with Elle and me spending as much time together as we initially did....

“Adam, have you killed many people?” she asked nonchalantly, but I could tell she was anxious for the answer.

....And it was at that moment that my past took actual physical form in the shape of a giant rock pressing against my chest, making it painful, almost impossible to breathe....

Should I say “no” to make her sleep peaceful and mine unbearable? Was it a lie all that it would take to have her protected inside a transparent bubble, fearing it would burst any waking minute...

Should I say “yes”. Should I admit to having killed more men than she had ever seen?

....Elle had grown past that. She had sustained a thousand times over what another girl would endure and she was still standing. Still hanging in there.
Still finding reasons to live for....

And I knew I was one of them. And that filled me with hope. It gave me hope that she could take this too and not forsake me….

...So I just lay there motionless, breathless wondering if she would notice just how scared I felt.

Her head still on my chest, she could surely realize that I wasn’t breathing and I wondered again if my silence, however unintended, had already spoken volumes about the truth.

If it did, Elle at least granted me the courtesy of not commenting on it. But I knew it wasn’t a random question. Maybe it was a question raging within her since our very first meeting two years ago.

After all, I was locked in that facility too, so that meant I was dangerous or at least potentially dangerous.

It couldn’t have been a mistake since I had spent 17 years in this place.

But what I gathered was, that Elle could not understand how someone with my ability could be dangerous. I couldn’t die.

I didn’t die. But me being alive didn’t equal to someone else being dead. At least not because of me.

In her eyes I was harmless, but since her heart was wide open for me, I wasn’t as undamaging as she thought.

Had she known me twenty years ago, that trust that she had put in my hands, that blind devotion, that vulnerability would be the ideal weapon in my hands.

The perfect weapon for me to tear her down and feed on her misery.

Had she known me 20 years ago, that smile on my face, that newly-found hope and my kindness would have been a joke, or non-existent or even a charade orchestrated to facilitate whatever plan I had.

I was the master of disguises, of manipulation….

There’s little you won’t do when death is not an issue.
When you have moved past that.

When you reach to the point that you wish for it due to the heartache and the loneliness you feel, but still it fails to come…

When it’s the one wish that cant be granted….

But now…I had to believe I was a changed man and struggle to stay that way.

“Quite a few actually. I was notorious for it” I answered her. A delayed reply which was only possible after tedious effort.

My lips pursed together, despite my effort to sound light-hearted.

Her expression didn’t change and as she kept looking at the ceiling her blue eyes clearer than the sky I hadn’t seen in over 17 years, she still seemed like a little girl to me even though she was already on her way to adolescence.

It was amazing how the months had passed so easily, so quickly…

But I guessed it was to be expected. Happiness always seems to last less than misery… Torment seems to last forever….

“Notorious?” she asked and turned to look at me with a grin. “How so?”
I sighed making a face.

“Yes, very notorious. There was a time when I was very angry. Angry at some people, angry at the world, at humanity but mostly at myself” I concluded, finally realizing it myself.
If I had once tried to turn the world into a living hell, wasn’t it because I wanted the world outside and around me to match the one inside me?

Wasn’t it because I already felt I was in hell after all the disappointment, the hurt and the pain?

“Why were you angry?” her question came and with it memories hurtful enough to make me wince.

I momentarily closed my eyes to keep out the images of Hiro kissing Yaeiko, of the people I had killed as I searched for my humanity….

“You are too young to understand” I evaded her and was surprised to see her sting her tongue out at me.

“Just because you are ancient, doesn’t mean I am a baby anymore. I am going to be twelve in a month and I’m stronger than you!” she threatened, blue jolts on her palm, winking at me.

I laughed as I fixed my gaze on the ceiling.

“It was about a girl” I started and Yaeko’s perfect, porcelain face was there in front of me. I could almost touch it.

“It’s always about a girl!” Elle said with a sigh and went on with a sly smirk “Some day the girl could be me”

A smile began to form on my –relaxed by now- lips, but I frowned as I realized she could be right.

One of these days, as she’d grow older she would want to see the world outside and leave me behind because she only has so much time and I have forever to stay locked in here.

But even if she didn’t leave me, I would still be stuck watching her turn into whatever
Bob had in store for her.

I could only postpone the inevitable, but I couldn’t cancel it altogether.

I guessed one day that girl could be her, will be her because I will still have to watch her grow old and die and there was nothing I could do about that.

“Yeah it will” I just said and kept playing with her hair.

I was still deep in thought when the familiar bell rang and Elle was quick to sit up and swear.

“Damn, it’s for me! I need to get to my room or I will have to do two extra hours of training”.

Funny she called it training, while it was still harsh experiments testing how strong her power was and if charging her with electricity made her weary or stronger.

“Just go” I mouthed, my voice barely a whisper and showed her my cheek as she leaned down to kiss me.

“See you later” she said but when she reached the door and peered through the glass, she clapped her hands together and exclaimed

“Holy moly, it’s a boy. It’s a boy. They’ve brought me a boy!” as she hurried out of my room closing the door.

“Wait, Elle, what do you mean a boy?” I asked but she was already gone and as it was my turn to peer through the glass, my eyes met with the coldest stare I had seen in decades.

It was a boy no more than fifteen years old with dark hair and dark eyes.

It almost made me wonder if it matched his heart as she send something that looked like ice and as soon as the door and the glass froze in front of my eyes, I realized I was right.

End of Chapter 10


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