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Howdy my babies!

I know I have been a very bad girl neglecting you like that. (Don't tell Santa!!)
I didn't mean to.
There were a lot of stuff, bad stuff happening to me or to the people I loved so it was more or less the same thing- as if they were happening to me.

I had to attend two funerals and things at work are weird. Creepy weird .
I intend to make a RANT!post later on or tomorrow so if anyone doesn't want to hear my drama- which is totally understandable as I don't want to burden you or impose on you guys, let me know and I will make a filter to exclude you, no questions asked.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEE aka [livejournal.com profile] the_milky_way
Hope you have an awesome day darling!! <33

[1] I tried to catch up but the load was overwhelming so I have not given up but I have decided to catch up with you like a dozen a day so that I won't neglect anyone.
So if you find comments to entries dated like 6 days ago or replies to comments dated that back don't worry! I am not crazy I am just trying to show you some love!

[2]I saw some showing-love memes going around and I didn't have time to contribute, but I promise I will this week! I love each and everyone of you, otherwise you wouldn't be here! :)

[3] The only good thing that came out of it all is that I found my muse and I finished two stories I have been struggling with for weeks. I could not finish them...
[a]Memory Of Light - Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair
[b]From The Sky The Ashes Rain - Heroes - Adam/Elle

Comments are love and since I haven't written for a while, i could really use the encouragement!
[4] I have decided that it's good not to think too much. So in an attempt to occupy myself, I am actually going to finish the three prompts I picked at the Heroes- Fest Challenge.
What should I write first? And omg it's till October 18th...

[Poll #1268538]

[5]I posted some more albums at [livejournal.com profile] restless_within If you like take and comment!
Comments help me understand what you are looking for! I am open to requests.

[6]I am loving the new The Butterfly Effect Album : "Last Conversation of Kings"
Some songs are amazing and it took a few listens to grow on me but all songs are poetic and awesome!! Very melodic and dream-like. More than their previous albums... And I thought "Imago" was poetic! lol
I am gonna share it with you guys soon...

[7]Alex and Amaya I have your dvds! Alias and Gossip Girl for starters and next the other requests!
[8]Also, [livejournal.com profile] alaskas_pudge, woot! I just ordered the book : The Time Traveler's Wife and it seems to be an awesome read!!!
And I found one called : -> The Lovely Bones <- it seems heart-breaking. I can't wait to start it!

Love you all


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