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Title: The Prison Within - Chapter 5
Author: [livejournal.com profile] force_oblique
Rating: G, possibly AU
Table/Prompt: Table #7,"helpless"
Disclaimer: I dont own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Elle - mention of other characters ,Adam's POV
Word Count:
Summary: Adam's reflection on his years of imprisonment and how Elle changed that.
Author's Notes:I am sorry it took me so long, It was just real life stuff, catching me off guard!But, I will DEFINATELY finish this, as I hate leaving things unfinished
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Sorry, this part is a bridge to the next one, where the action will take place. There's also a Summary to all previous parts for anyone who's been following this to remember it!

Comments will be dearly appreciated! XD

Chapter One,Chapter two,Chapter Three,Chapter Four,Chapter Five

Bonus Part: Summary Of The Previous Five Parts- If You Don't need this, just scroll down for the new part
The Prison Within – Summary Of The First Five Parts

Part One: Adam has already been in his Company prison for 14 years when little Elle is brought in. He is shocked to see someone so young taken into the examination room where all the torture and the experiments took place, but when Elle caused a blackout, he knew she wouldn’t be easy to break and that she was not just different, she was special.

Part Two:Little Elle is drawn to Adam and the feelings are mutual. He finds a friend and a companion in her and Elle finds a much-needed friend and protector.
Adam starts to live again after centuries of being a misanthropist.

Part Three: The experiments she is put through and the drugs the Company is giving her cause Elle to not be in control of her power. She is afraid that Adam will not love her anymore and even though Adam says he will always love her no matter what, she stops taking the pills.

Part Four: On her ninth birthday Elle is granted her much wanted wish of visiting an arcade and go on a rollercoaster. She reveals the fact that she has stopped the pills to Adam, who is nervous. Things indeed go wrong when on account of her excitement shows her ability in public causing her two accompanying guards to force her back. One of them is abusive and hateful and threatens to kill both Adam and her. She is forced to kill him and then her power becomes too much for her to handle due to the intensity of her desperation and emotions.
Adam sees no alternative other than instructing her to focus her power on him alone, because he is the only one that can take it. She does and as the shock is too great, he momentarily dies. Elle is torn off his side at that very moment, believing that she has killed her only friend.

Part Five: Adam wakes up to find himself in a new room, probably in another floor. He realizes he is tied up and is infuriated. Bob enters to tell him that Elle is alive but refuses to cooperate. They have let her think that she has killed Adam.
There’s a curtain in his room and when Bob draws it, Adam realizes that Elle is just in the next room to his, because there is a mirror on the wall allowing him to see her and listen to he, but she can’t see him.
Once Bob is out, Adam’s restraints are loosened and he is able to see Elle. She is lying on her bed tied up too, almost catatonic and crying with a piece of the t-shirt he wore that night in her hand. The second guard whom Elle had zapped into unconsciousness comes in her room and abuses her by saying hateful things and by scratching her to bleed.

He takes it too far and Elle is infuriated. Her power is stronger than they had anticipated and melts her constraints. Adam watches as she sends a jolt on the guard and is devastated as he knows that they are watching her waiting till killing comes easy for her, in order to use her for their own hideous purposes.

A/N: This is short and meaningless because it is only a bridge to the next chapter which would otherwise be too long! :D

Chapter Six

My palms sweaty against the mirror now, I just watched as Elle sent a jolt on the guard...

Nothing too powerful but enough to scare him even more.
Enough to make him feel pain, not the same she felt but still pain.

“You freak!” he screamed trying to make his way to the door and get as far away from her as possible.

She blinked.

“That’s right! I am a freak. I am a nut job! So, I suggest you run! Now! And never come back!
Because I can’t help myself! I am crazy remember? I can’t help doing that!” she added calmly sending a jolt on his body.
“Or that!” she threatened him, by making the jolts on her palm grow brighter and larger.

The man cursed but headed for the door like a scolded puppy.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It made my insides grow warm.

And again… I was proud of my little girl with the big heart!

“That’s it, Elle! Don’t give in to it! God, I know it can feel good.! I know it can feel damn good… Just don’t give in to it!” I mouthed my cheek against the mirror.

I could even scream with joy as I watched the blue orbs disappear from her little hands. With the guard gone out the door and no one else in the room to hurt or judge her, Elle collapsed, a small heap on the floor.

As if her walls had crumbled.

As if her defending herself and her dignity had been nothing more than a surge of adrenaline kicking in at just the right time.

And now it was gone leaving her empty, just a little girl.

She pulled her legs closer to her body, stopping only when her chin was resting on her knees.

Her hair a cascade of messy blonde locks, concealing her face.

I didn’t have to see her face to know how she was feeling though. The wet stains on the garment over her knees were indicative of her crying.

How I wished they were happy tears. From the moment I first saw her or after our first chat,

I had decided, no! I had made a promise to myself.

That promise was to keep her safe.
That promise was to do everything in my power to make sure she would be happy and protected.

I knew that the prospects of something like that were limited by the walls of this place.

But each time I managed to put a smile on her face, I felt more confident.

She was young, there was still a chance that one day, not long from now, she would find herself outside these walls and into the world, not feeling alone, misplaced or a freak.

I thought I had all the time in the world to make that happen, but as reality sank in, I realized that Elle and me weren’t dealing with the same constraints, at least not time-wise.

I didn’t want her to be one more mortal in my life. I wanted to have her, to keep her for life not just a lifetime, her lifetime and my desire for this sometimes blinded me to all the obstacles.

I kept telling myself that anything was possible.

In my four hundred years I had seen a lot. I had witnesses cities rise and fall, victories followed by catastrophes.

So, yes, anything was possible. But deep inside, I knew it wasn’t.

And being there now, to witness one more tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes was unbearable.

A bitter taste in my mouth and my heart hammering within my chest.

Feeling drowsy, I slid down on the floor with my back against the wall on my left, my hand still in contact with the glass, as if refusing to let go of the way things used to be, knowing that it was merely in vain…

~ End Of Chapter Six ~


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