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OMG....I knew I would have lots and lots of posts to read in order for me to catch up with your lives,but this was huge!!
and I am not even finished yet!!!

(If I haven't replied yet, be patient with me or link me here with the post you want me to see)

I am so sorry I am this slow at replying to comments and commenting at your ljs in general!
I am trying my best to catch up but if I get home at like 10,30 pm there's only so much time left for me to see lj/flist before my eyes starts closing on their own! lol

But the weekend is not long now (and my parents are leaving again)so I promise to catch up during those two precious days and post all the things that i have promised including picspams and fics!

Btw, another fic popped in my head today, I can't help it. The SPN Fandom has been very inspiring recently and surprisinlgy I am/feel compelled to write some Sam Winchester-centric fiction...
I am a Dean girl, though I love both of them, but still it is strange because until recently I was never able to write in Sam's POV! lol

I am getting better at the fandom it seems or all of you Sam-girls in my flist are rubbing off on me! lol (if that is the correct expression) lol

So stay tuned for new, unexpected fic...entitled: "Stars Will Burn Alive"
It was kinda inspired by Erj Tankian Song "Feed Us"

Love you all,



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