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ETA: OMG I AM THE STUPIDEST EVER! BUT OF COURSE, [livejournal.com profile] kros_21 AND [livejournal.com profile] blaithacs you already knew that!! But seriously I should have known you can friend yourself! *head down* I is major fail!

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you are all well and having fun. I know I have been commenting, but other than that I have been MIA, not updating my lj much. I don't know if you guys have missed me but oh well... =P
~ I feel depressed. I know it's not so common for me, because I usually prefer to look on the bright side of things and laugh but sometimes rl stuff which are crappy overwhelm me. I don't meant to whine or nag or complain but I realize that it is inevitable sometimes.I hope you don't hate me for it...

I need something to put a smile on my face, so please spam me: could be a funny pic, a hot pic or random pic,it could be a drabble, it could be you giving me a compliment or telling me you love me or even a funny story...just make me forget that life sucks sometimes!!!
ilu guys

[x]HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] enchantedsolace & [livejournal.com profile] mandypandy1981
Hope you have/had an awesome day girls!
[x]Big THANKS to my sweeties: [livejournal.com profile] elevator_kiss and [livejournal.com profile] hushushalibi for loving me and making me feel missed and appreciated. I love you so muh girls...seriously more than ...cheesecake and i love cheesecake! lol// also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pasadora for yesterday! <3
[x]SPN in two days so yay!! and Con Videos never cease to amuse me and MISHA! enough said! ^^
[x]I watched North & South and I loved it & RENDITION but it was soooo sad... :( !! <3
[x]I am starting to watch LIFE ON MARS UK version (thanks for reccing it Emi[livejournal.com profile] blaithacs and Maria [livejournal.com profile] fade_out // {JOHN SIMM IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT o_0}
It was very nice meeting you and we had an awesome time! I am so glad I finally got to meet fellow ljers! <3 I cant remember if I told you this today, but ilu guys! <3

ETA: ADAM/ELLE VID + MANIPS made me smile and gleee! ^_^

Goodnight everyone,
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Hello my lovelies! :)
Hope you are all well and having fun! ^_^

Sorry for the semi-absence since Friday night... I must have slept like 12 hours on Saturday alone and today I had to help my parents pack and load the car because they went to our cottage/summer house!

[1]I simply adored BSG! Some Squee here )

[2]HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NET-SIS: [livejournal.com profile] misst89 ILU )
[3]HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENSEN ACKLES! Yes I am a dork like that, if you ever had any doubts! lol
But can you believe that this adorable little kiddy grew up to be 31 and look as hot as this?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic--> Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[4] I must be the only human to use LJ and not know that apart from friending, you CAN ALSO TRACK A JOURNAL FOR FUTURE UPDATES SO THAT YOU DONT MISS A POST? Thanks Dee [livejournal.com profile] define_serenity <3 *headdeskheaddesk*

[5] COMMENT STATS FOR FEBRUARY! How did you do? =P )

Love you all, Goodnight

P.S.: For Flist and message to JUJU )
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Hi flist!!
It was a busy day today!
After work i visited a charity bazaar which was quite good...lots of pants and belts! ^^
Like at one quarter of the original price or something,so yay!!

I tried to keep up with you from work, so if you noticed random commenting at weird hours for me, it was because I didn't have too much of a work load so I surfed the net a bit!

now off to take a shower and watch Heroes and Gossip Girl...

Talk to you all later!


P.S.: This post will self-destruct once I catch up and watch Heroes and Gossip Girl! <3
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Hello everyone!!
I am sorry I havent replied/commented today but straight after work I went to my brothers and we watched Heroes, True Blood and Prison Break together!!
Holy Fuck:Elle + Sylar = Epic hotness!!!!!

Now, I am watching Gossip Girl 2x10 and 2x11 because I haven't seen last weeks epi either, just bits and pieces!!

Back Tomorrowz, hopefully my mind wont be numb still from the pretty and the wow!!

I love you all


P.S.: Check [livejournal.com profile] bathroom_girls for massive share posts and a pretty picspam! <3
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I have had a Last.fm account for over a year I think, but I never got into it...not really...
But Asa has made me think that I am really missing out on something, so I will give it another try! lol

Here is my account Last.fm-Yllektra
Please add me if you want and let me know who you are!

P.S.: Thanks for friending me you girls, I really appreciate it! ^_^
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Howdy my babies!

I know I have been a very bad girl neglecting you like that. (Don't tell Santa!!)
I didn't mean to.
There were a lot of stuff, bad stuff happening to me or to the people I loved so it was more or less the same thing- as if they were happening to me.

I had to attend two funerals and things at work are weird. Creepy weird .
I intend to make a RANT!post later on or tomorrow so if anyone doesn't want to hear my drama- which is totally understandable as I don't want to burden you or impose on you guys, let me know and I will make a filter to exclude you, no questions asked.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEE aka [livejournal.com profile] the_milky_way
Hope you have an awesome day darling!! <33

Please Enjoy My Madness //No Rant Here Yet// + VOTE IN MY POLL )

Love you all
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EDITED: I am only half way through your posts because I have to go back as back as the 24th! o_0
I will continue in the morning!!
BTW, you should all watch : IQ-145 Awesome stuff!

Hi Flist,
I am sorry I haven't been on for the past couple of days.
I have been dealing with some personal issues that demanded my undivided attention and lots of care, so it was necessary that I stayed away for a bit.

I will properly update and let you know later.
Now please forgive me for being a bad friend while I try to catch up with your lives!

Love you
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OMG....I knew I would have lots and lots of posts to read in order for me to catch up with your lives,but this was huge!!
and I am not even finished yet!!!

(If I haven't replied yet, be patient with me or link me here with the post you want me to see)

I am so sorry I am this slow at replying to comments and commenting at your ljs in general!
I am trying my best to catch up but if I get home at like 10,30 pm there's only so much time left for me to see lj/flist before my eyes starts closing on their own! lol

But the weekend is not long now (and my parents are leaving again)so I promise to catch up during those two precious days and post all the things that i have promised including picspams and fics!

Btw, another fic popped in my head today, I can't help it. The SPN Fandom has been very inspiring recently and surprisinlgy I am/feel compelled to write some Sam Winchester-centric fiction...
I am a Dean girl, though I love both of them, but still it is strange because until recently I was never able to write in Sam's POV! lol

I am getting better at the fandom it seems or all of you Sam-girls in my flist are rubbing off on me! lol (if that is the correct expression) lol

So stay tuned for new, unexpected fic...entitled: "Stars Will Burn Alive"
It was kinda inspired by Erj Tankian Song "Feed Us"

Love you all,

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I just found a page with code and i wanna go crazy with it!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!
I am not crazy I swear!!!!

I am A ` + A  + I love My
I'm really friendly, don't be afraid to say "Hi" I
Longing for T
I want to catch a falling « +
I want someone to get me | x alot! ;p
I support many -
I enjoy getting /
I love my : + I love my È (love taking µ with it!)
I love accents O + I like to ( My friends A Lot
I love @ (yes, I'm left-handed) + I enjoy reading ¨ + I love music ¯
I love the Cinema ¸ and TV ¾
I love my cottage H + I don't z
I really want to Q around the ü and just stay on a Beach I
I am a Christian U + I love ö
I like using my b But I want to buy me a Ž
I support world Peace ÿ

Randomness is over!! Have a nice day everyone! :D


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